About Production


  • Workshop of architectural GFRC elements
  • The workshop of architectural foam polystyrene elements
  • Artificial stone workshop
  • Construction chemicals workshop
  • Models and forms workhop
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Stock


  • Artificial stone - 100 000 square meters. in year
  • Polystyrene foam - 3,000 rm. per month
  • GFRC - 25 000 sq.m. per year
  • Construction chemicals - 10 tons per month


  • Architectural elements of glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • Architectural elements of reinforced expanded polystyrene
  • Artificial decorative stone (facing stone, paving stones, "hemp" tile)
  • Fixed formwork (caissons, L and G-shaped overlays on the slabs)
  • Construction chemicals ("Ulrepit" series)
  • Monoblocks (window, door)
  • Architectural concrete


  • All products are made according to the developed and approved specifications.
  • Conformity of products to TR confirmed by test reports.
  • All products of the enterprise are certified.
  • The company operates according to ISO 9001 quality standards.


The location of production has the following advantages:
  1. Accessibility to federal roads, directions (North Caucasian Federal District, Rostov region, the Republic of Crimea, the Black Sea coast)
  2. Proximity to city infrastructure
  3. The possibility of expanding


Modern production equipment: England, Germany, Korea, Japan, USA, China, Russia.

Raw materials:

Cement, sand, polymer additives, pigments, expanded polystyrene, alkali-resistant glass winding, marble flour, gypsum, resins, hardeners, polyurethanes.


The personnel of the production structured according to the principle of the pyramidal system.
Head of Production / Workshop headman / Foreman / Worker (3-5 grades)
The total staff is 70 people.

Future plans:

  1. Reconstruction of existing and construction of new production and storage areas.
  2. Increase in productivity per unit of working area.
  3. Modernization of equipment, increasing staff motivation, improving production and living conditions.
  4. The increase in the production capacity of GFRC products is 2 times.
  5. Accredit our own laboratory.
  6. Increased quality control at each stage of production.
  7. Opening of the workshop of "special steel structures".
  8. Expansion of the territory and production facilities.
  9. Construction of a new office-showroom of the company.
  10. Construction of a demo-park of products on the territory of production.
  11. Launch of a new service "facades maintenance".
  12. Increase of equipment and vehicles.