Sgraffito is a technique for creating wall images based on contrast, clear lines and drawing where dots, strokes and spots are used in addition to the contour line. The advantage of images produced, using this technique, is a high degree of durability.

Today modern materials allow you to create sgraffito in a new reading. Use of new technologies for slowing the setting of concrete, use of multi-colored contrast aggregates and variable absence of plastering make it possible not to scratch the image, going deeper by layer, but to obtain a counter-relief.

Considering the way of production and achieved visual effects, the technology got the name "DECOGRAPHY". It is not possible to call this decorative technique "sgraffito" in the classical sense, but it was the sgraffito that served as the basis and allows masters to rely internally on its visual effect. The technology makes it possible to produce graphic concrete surfaces for facade decoration of buildings, fences, interior design with graphics of any complexity.