Conditions of storage and processing (DECOgraphy)

For safety and subsequent effective use of the DECOcanvas, ready-to-use rolls must be stored on specially prepared racks. To protect canvas in production conditions, a protective covering canvas is required.

Requirements for premises:

  • Dry and pure with relative humidity not exceeding 50%;
  • It is necessary to protect the cloth from direct sunlight;
  • Do not settle on the canvas of dirt, dust, moisture;
  • Care should be taken with canvas carefully and make sure that wrinkles, creases and tears do not appear on the canvas. If the fabric needs to be cut - it is recommended to do it directly on the day of pouring concrete.

To the process of moving and processing, a number of requirements are also imposed, the observance of which guarantees the effective use of the web in the formation of concrete products:

  • Rolls of overall dimensions should be transported in rolls, the diameter of which should be at least 40 cm.
  • When processing it is necessary to use such special tools as soft shoes or shoe covers, an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the molding table, a clean table and knife for cutting the fabric, a ruler or bar for measuring and straight cutting edges, a clean soft brush for gentle cleaning of the fabric, and for ironing and pressing the fabric to the forming table. Depending on the specific production, conditions and product, other types of equipment may be required.

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