Latex glue "UKREPIT”

The latex adhesive "UKREPIT” is a specialized compo of professional use for the installation of facade styrofoam decoration.

Packing: bucket with handle weight of 5.10 and 20 kg.
Manufactured in accordance with TS 5772-004-26556806-2015


  • The average value of the diameter of the glue cone face breaking 155 mm.

    This means that the adhesive does not flow down/slide off the wall after it is applied with a layer thickness of 2 mm.

  • The density of the glue mixture 1812 g / cm³

    This means that the greater the density of the adhesive, the stronger it rests on the material and durable construction.

  • The degree of drying glue 16.35 hours

    This means that the conventional drying time of the adhesive equal to 24 hours, the degree of drying of the glue "ECODECO" saves installation time.

  • Adhesion of adhesive to the concrete 0.5 MCA.

    This means, glue stick very firmly on the concrete basis for departing from the base area of 10 x 10 cm (100 cm²) required a force of 500 kg, that is to tear the adhesive from the concrete foundation you will need the weight of the brown bear.

  • The compressive strength of 5.7 MPa adhesive.

    This means that due to the adhesive composition (fillers, binders, chemical additives), after drying the solution has increased strength and can withstand external loads, including on the surfaces exposed to dynamic and impact loads.

  • Flexural strength 0.21 MCA adhesive.

    This means that due to manufacturing techniques and adhesives in its composition: fillers, binders, chemical additives, after drying the solution has increased strength and can withstand the maximum load at which the material remains intact and can restore the original geometric dimensions.

  • Water retention adhesive 99.6 g / cm³.

    This means that due to the chemical composition of the adhesive solution under stirring, separation of the water in it is performed for 1-1.5 hours, which eliminates the possibility of continuous mixing and accelerates the process of applying the mixture to the surface.

  • Fire and explosion-proof.

  • Safe for the environment.

  • Fully ready for use.

  • Frost-resistant

    Able to withstand extreme climatic conditions - temperature -50 to +70 ° C and even higher.

  • Produced in accordance with TS 5772-004-26556806-2015


  • Reduced time for installation work
  • Reduction of commissioning terms of the whole object
  • No operating costs
  • Saving money
  • Saving time on product installation

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