Latex primer "UKREPIT"

Primer latex "UKREPIT" is a liquid polymeric construction material which is used for surface preparation. It improves the connection of subsequent layers with a base. Chromogenic component, film-forming additives, drying oils, alkyd resin origin plus component enhance the ability of the surface to bind moisture (for reduce porosity). Primer is a mandatory basis for all quality finishing.

Packing: bucket with handle weight of 5.10 and 20 kg.
Manufactured in accordance with TS 5772-004-26556806-2015.


  • Environmentally friendly: no toxic substances, the material does not decompose during the operation, has no odor, does not cause allergic reactions (except in cases of individual intolerance).
  • Quick drying: start to finish can be 1-2 hours after priming.
  • Hydrophobicity: soil forms on the surface of a thin film with a moisture repellent properties.
  • Antiseptic properties: priming reduces the risk of mold and mildew on the surface of the material.

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