Binding material for paving

Raw materials, production technology of binder for bonding loose building materials.

Binder for paving UKREPIT is a unique high-tech polyurethane adhesive based on synthetic polymers, able to glue almost everything that is used in construction and repair work.

Used for bonding sand, gravel, crushed stone, various rocks of natural stone and other loose materials in the construction of highways, the creation of garden and park paths, to strengthen crushed stone ballast, the device of roadsides, the creation of drainage surfaces.

Universal material qualities allow using almost any filler, not only natural stone, marble and granite chips, river pebbles, but also colored glass, decorative sand, metal, plastic, fiberglass. At the same time, the structural strength is guaranteed for a minimum of 8 years.

First and foremost, a polymer binder for bonding stone is used in so-called "problem" places like building and other objects in contact with water, to protect them from erosion, strengthen river banks and reservoirs, road slopes, to fasten rocks, loose materials, gluing rubble and stone crumbs.


Also, the binder composition is used to strengthen the crushed stone on railways and highways (especially on high-speed sections).


The binding compound UKREPIT is widely used in construction, landscaping, horticulture, decorative design and landscape design.


The binding compound UKREPIT

The composition has a high strength combined with elasticity and is environmentally friendly at the same time. It is resistant to erosion, destruction and abrasion.

A strong polymeric film, which forms UKREPIT on the surface of the stone, reliably protects it from damage, mold, mossiness and retains its natural beauty.

Due to the plasticity of the polymers that make up the paving, the stone layer does not undergo destruction when the water in it freezes, and it retains its original appearance for many years. The binder composition is waterproof, the surfaces coated with it take water repellent properties.


  • Polyurethanes of the latest generation guarantee a super-powerful binding ability.
  • Hardens at the expense of air moisture.
  • Does not contain solvents.
  • Resistant to temperature changes.
  • The finished layer has high impact resistance.
  • Produced in accordance with TR 5772-004-26556806-2015.
  • Unlike the two-component analogues produced in Russia, it is immediately ready for use, does not require any composite additives.

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