To developers

To construction companies and developers we can offer a complete set of servicesusing our surfacing materials: decorative stone, hinged ventilated facade, architectural elements of concrete, facade decoration of styrofoam, ventilated panels and elements of any complexity of the GRC.

Trusting the selection of materials for the assembly of your projects directly to the manufacturer, you get a complete solution that takes into account all the nuances of projects and helps to achieve the best results with less time and cost.

Cooperating with Ecodeco, you can order a full range of services:

  • facade engineering
  • the production of all elements of the facade in the shortest possible time
  • delivery to the place of assembly work at a convenient time
  • quality installation with a guarantee.

Expirienced design bureau of the plant will develop a facade project taking into account the capabilities of modern constructions and finishing materials.

Our production facilities are designed for the simultaneous production of different elements of the facade, which reduces production time. Materials are produced in certain areas of independent shops: shop of decorative stone, concrete structures shop, shop of ventilated systems, styrofoam cutting shop.

Delivery of materials is carried out by partner transport companies at a convenient time under the customer's request.

Carrying out installation work by our own teams ensures high quality result and a lack of installation errors for 5 years.

Ecodeco is a plant producing modern facades and a reliable supplier of complex facade solutions.

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