Caissons are deepenings, usually rectangular or of another shape, in the arch, dome, ceiling or the inner surface of the arch.

Caissons can have a purely aesthetic value, and to combine structural and decorative features, as well as be used to improve room acoustics, creating different visual effects (for example, visually increase the ceiling height or arch), or to serve as niches for installation of fixtures.


Ecodeco caissons are:

  • Reliable, functional and aesthetic overlaps.
  • Individual approach to the design and the design of the caissons.
  • Saving without loss of quality in the construction and future maintenance.
  • The material, which gives greater flexibility in design.
  • Reduced construction time and load on the foundation.
  • Increased investment and the overall attractiveness of the object.
  • Own production of caissons means they will be done qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.
  • You get price and discounts from the manufacturer.

Caisson ceilings advantages:

  • Reduced consumption of concrete up to 40%, valve flow to 40% by comparison with a monolithic ceiling, designed for the same load.
  • The ability to design large-planning decisions.
  • Reducing the thickness of the reduced overlap compared to the traditional solution to the 25% increase in span, reducing the number of supporting structures (walls, columns, foundations).
  • The ability to attach the finished ceiling expressiveness and uniqueness through the use of individual decor directly in the manufacture of the caisson in the workplace.
  • Saving design load of its own weight of 150 kg / m2, and its translation in the payload.
  • Increasing the speed of construction of 1.5-2 times.
  • The increase in turnover formwork system, leading to reduced formwork costs.

The benefit of using caissons:

  • It increases the market value and investment appeal of objects;
  • It ensures a constant appearance of the interior for many decades;
  • It allows you to save on building materials;
  • It reduces construction time.

Ecodeco plant of modern facade solutions is a leader in the South of Russia in capacity of caissons production and the number of completed projects.

Gallery of caissons objects