Hinged ventilated facade

Ventilated stone

Hinged ventilated system (HVS) - is a popular facade cladding technology in Krasnodar. Ecodeco plant manufactures and assembles various HVSs on buildings of different storeys and complexity not only for outdoor decorative finishes, but also to improve thermal insulation and protection of the building frame from premature destruction. This is the most efficient thermal system, which retains heat/cool, providing energy savings during the operation. HVS can be used in the construction of new and reconstruction of historical buildings.

Proven term of maintenance-free operation of the qualitative performed ventilated facades is up to 50 years.

Advantages of Ecodeco ventilated facades


Precipitation and atmospheric moisture is removed from the facade surface naturally, without any harm to material lining and fastening systems.


HVF system sets beautiful clearly defined perfect brickwork effect to the facing stone. GRC offers limitless possibilities: in addition to a wide selection of textures, shapes and colors available, any plastic on the front, integration of any materials on the surface and perforation is possible.

Architectural expression

The possibility to use bulk decorative elements - cornices, columns, balustrades - allows to implement architectural ideas of any complexity.

Constant appearance

HVF is mounted without grouting, so no relevant problems of cracking joints and the appearance of efflorescence can occur.

Seismic resistance

HVF system has been successfully tested on the seismic resistance, received permission to be applied in areas up to 9 points seismicity.


High mechanical strength and reliability of the technical system solutions allow you to trim buildings up to 60 high-rise floors.

All-weather installation

Absence of "wet" processes allows all-seasons-mounting of facade systems in all weather conditions, which ensures full compliance of the installation time.

Comfortable operation

Ventilated GRC facade and artificial stone does not require special care, preserving the aesthetic appearance for decades.

The possibility of dismantling individual tiles

If necessary, individual tiles can be easily removed and installed, it allows you to lay communication, strengthen the scaffolding and change the damaged areas of the lining without any problems or restrictions.

Accessibility of Ecodeco HVS

Ecodeco hinged facade system from can be additionally equipped with modular solutions on request. Window and door openings are carried out in the monoblock design, ie have built soffits, trims and window sills. Such solutions can be used as hinged and wet facades and they allow:

  • to reduce installation time and spend it all year round;
  • to exclude the "human factor" like mounting errors, piecemeal assembly omissions ;
  • to avoid seams, the risk of cracking and occurrence of leakage;
  • to expand stylistic design possibilities of openings;
  • to raise the architectural expressiveness of facades and openings in general.

The integration of materials and perforation

You can "implant" (integrate) any material such as brick, glass, natural stone, metal mosaic on Ecodeco GRC ventilated system. Increased ductility and toughness allows the GFRC to have any surface texture, including perforated. Thus a new meaning, form and volume are allocated to traditional building materials and create a unique surface.

Ecodeco plant manufactures ventilated panels using modern technologies and advanced materials. The quality of ventilated facades meet stringent European requirements, and are available for construction companies and individual developers in price.

Innovative materials and technologies allow us to give our products the following properties:

  • The optimum price for a high quality. Price for ventilated facades satisfy most consumers.
  • The versatility of use. By reducing the weight, our designs can be installed on brick, wood and concrete bearing planes. In most cases, enhancing works are not produced.
  • Own industrial base allows to produce a complete set of cladding components, including specific additional elements for individual orders.

Gallery of objects with ventilated facades