L and Г - shaped lining

End of an era of "striped" high-rise buildings

The author of this technology is ”ECODECO". The invention application is under consideration in the Russian Patent Office.

Decorative panel end slabs is Ecodeco invention, which is in the application of decorative GRC panels

1 - ready for floor slabs

Г-shaped panel laid on a cement-sand mortar on the floor slab edge with fastening top with anchors

2 - at the manufacturing stage of the monolith building

L-shaped panel is used as permanent formwork when constructing buildings’ monolithic slab


GRC permanent formwork


Advantages of decorative overlays

They help to maintain the vertical plane of the facade due to the removal up to 30 mm

Decorative panel solves the problem of deviation in the vertical ends of the floor slabs, and as a result helps to maintain the vertical plane of the facade. The panels are starting to bricklaying.

Raise the decorative facade thanks to the integration of the surface material

Horizontal lines from the ends of the floor slabs are tucked. The ends of the floor slab can be decorated with integrated GRC panel facade materials: brick tiles, decorative stone, natural stone, mosaic. It ends the era of "striped" high-rise buildings.

Shorten the life of the production of works in the case of a permanent formwork

Decorative panel device takes place at the stage of construction of permanent formwork for pouring the floor slab and does not require additional time for decoration end floor slabs.

Simple and easy to use: does not require maintenance during the entire life of the building

New technology ensures no leakage, becoming soaked walls, facing the destruction, including the complete no need to be repaired during the whole lifetime of the building.

Eliminate the risk of falling from a height of materials used for finishing slabs ends

Reduce the heat loss through the floor slab end through the use of lining with a heater

Challenges remained in the past:



Name un. of m. Value
Density kg/m. cube 2000-2200
Compressive strength MCA 35-55
Tensile bending limit MCA 8-12
The prism strength MCA 23-30
Impermeability F- №4
Frost-resistance P50-G250
Fire-resistance Non-flam
Elongation at break % 0,6-1,2
Elastic modulus MCA 0,01-0,015
Еhermal conductivity W/cm2*°C 0.52-0.75
Adhesion to concrete base MCA 0,5

Instructions for decorative panels use

  • Before starting facade work of brick masonry it is necessary to establish the actual deviation of the overlapping ends of the vertical axis on each floor, and the maximum deviation of the outside.
  • Laying of the first floor begin after considering this deviation. In the transition to the second floor laying you need to install a decorative panel on a cement-sand mortar, so that the plane of the panel coincides with the plane of the masonry.
  • It is allowed to offset the decorative lining up to 30 mm in the direction of the facade. The first row of the next floor are beginning to put a horizontal decorative panel shelves.

Gallery of Г and L-shaped lining objects