Window and door monoblocks

Monoblock is a single, integral element of the window, including the window sill, soffits and trim. This element is poured simultaneously into finished form and is mounted as a one-piece design.


"Ecodeco” monoblocks are:

  • Reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing window openings
  • Individual approach to design
  • High quality at an affordable price in the construction and maintenance
  • Materials giving great flexibility in design
  • Increased investment and the overall attractiveness of the object
  • Secure, weatherproof and easy installation
  • Reducing the costs for building materials
  • Own production

The advantages of using a monoblock:

  • Formation of the brick opening with the control openings dimensions, horizontal and vertical levels of masonry simplified by a single setting in the design position in the application of a monoblock.
  • Monoblock installation held without the use of additional forests.
  • It is a vertical beacon for masonry and reduces the work with a plumb and level.
  • It allows you to create a quarter of the installation of vinyl windows in accordance with GOST 30971-2002 requirements.
  • Installation of monoblock guarantees reliable fastening of decoration of the window opening.
  • No need for the manufacture and installation of bridges over the window, it will perform the role of hard-top monoblock frame. Depending on the technical task it can be configured for facing bricks and a wall for the inner layer composed of a monoblock.
  • When using the same type of sizes are obtained openings for window units, which reduces the time for measurement, order, account mix with different sizes for each individual aperture and installation of vinyl windows and error is eliminated and there is no need to control the size of the openings by the masons.
  • Installation of a monoblock is weatherproof.
  • Monoblock painting can be performed prior to its installation on floors.
  • The window openings with the aesthetic side no microcracks between clypeus and slope.
  • Given the significant difference in the durability of materials casings maintenance and repairs will be reflected on the facade of the house maintenance costs. Bar serves as a concrete facade element and is comparable with a lifetime of bricks.

The benefit of using monoblocks:

  • No need for the reconstruction of the facade, the lack of maintenance repair costs monoblock
  • The facade of the building gets a unique look, architectural expression and blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. the most daring design decisions can be implemented
  • Own installation teams
  • High-quality products provides an aesthetic appearance of the facade decoration
  • Reducing the time and all-weather installation
  • Reducing the time of production of single units, reduces the commissioning dates of the entire object
  • Reducing the budget by reducing the cost of building materials

The company "Ecodeco" produces a wide range of monoblocks of different shapes as for window openings, as well as for the door.

Gallery of the window and door monoblock objects